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Status Quo in Benidorm Sunday 16th June 2024

Status Quo in Benidorm Sunday 16th June 2024
Status Quo in Benidorm Sunday 16th June 2024
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Join us for a fantastic evening in Benidorm for the unmissable Status Quo. 

Ready for a night of boogie rock with one of the most iconic bands in music history?Status Quo, known for their unforgettable riffs and electrifying live performances, promise a concert that rock fans can't miss! 

With over 60 hits and millions of albums sold worldwide, Status Quo bring an unrivalled energy to the stage. From classics like "Whatever You Want" to "Rockin' All Over the World" and "In the army now", experience the power and passion of a band that has captured the hearts of rock fans for decades. Look forward to Status Quo's "Live 2024" tour - a spectacular journey through five decades of rock history! 

This tour promises an explosive mix of new hits and timeless classics that will inspire every generation of rock fans. Experience the unrivalled energy and signature sound of Status Quo in a show that will go down as one of their best ever. Get your tickets now and be there when rock history is written!

Our price includes coach transport and SEATED ticket for the concert. 

DATES: 16th June 2024
DAYS: 1 Evening
DESTINATION: Benidorm. Julio Iglesias auditorium
PRICING 109€ coach transport and SEATED concert ticket